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Special Shape Pouch



Special Shape Packing Machine



Fully Automatic Form, Fill & Seal Machine with Photo Electric Control  ,with Batch coding



·         Packing Range               :          150 ml

·         Speed                               :           30-50 pouch per minute

·         Packing material           :           Heat sealable flexible laminated film

·         Seal type                          :          Special Shape

·         Filling system                  :           Pump Filling 

·         Sealing system              :           Three Sealer  

·         Electrical supply            :           220V A.C. / Single Phase / 50 Hz

·         Power consumption     :           3.5 KW

·         Net Weight                      :           450 kg (Approx.)

·         Gross Weight                 :           500 kg. (Approx.)

·         Shipping dimension      :           1050x 800 x 2300 mm (L x W x H)



Ø  Pneumatic Machine hence  requirement of Air compressor    

Ø  Require only Single phase power supply

Ø  Low power consumption

Ø  Photo control unit

Ø  Temperature control unit

Ø  All the contacts parts made from Stainless Steel

Ø  Fitted on caster wheel

Ø  Batch Coding Machine



It is a Automatic Form, Fill and Seal pouch packing machine. A lay flat roll is mounted on the machine.  Pouch is get formed with the help of the former. The vertical sealing takes place at top sealing rollers and horizontal sealing and cutting takes place at bottom sealing rollers. The sealing type is Hot bar sealing and it is controlled by digital temperature controller on the front panel. The filling system is Pump  Filler. The photo control unit is used to cut the pouch at fix place (photo dot). Batch coding  is done on line on the machine

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