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Automatic Induction Foil Sealers For Small Bottles

Singals Induction Cap Sealing Machines, the fastest and most effective way of sealing Containers with aluminum foil membranes with inner foil seal providing a true hermetic Oxygen barrier that prolongs products life and prevents leakage, induction cap sealing is widely recognized by the packaging industry as one of the most effective means of sealing containers, offering unrivalled product integrity.

We manufacture an extensive range of advanced solid-state induction cap sealing system. These are suitable for all types of containers and can be easily incorporated into production Lines.

Our sealing heads suits all types of screw closer from 12mm to 110mm diameter. We also offer adjustable sealing heads that can be mounted over production lines to Seals containers of varying capacity and height.


  • Suitable for non-metal containers of glass or plastic bottles, such as ABS, PE HDPE, LDPE, Pet, PP, PS, PVC.

  • Suitable for food, beverages, phamaceutical or chemical Industry.


  • Fast and efficient, the foil seas tightly without being affected by moisture Grease or powder contamination on sealing area.

  • Easy and simple to use. All function clearly Labeled on the display panel Which is convenient to access.

  • Modular components design minimizes maintenance requirement.

  • Latest Technology

  • Low/High Power Indicator

  • Solid state elements contribute high efficiency yet low power consumption

  • Height of electromagnetic coil is adjustable for range of bottle height.



Induction power


Sealing Speed


Sealing Diameter


Height Of Bottle





Rs 85,000/-

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